Lash Emoji Update

We started the Lash Emoji Campaign a while ago now. Due limited knowledge and resources in writing proposals of this type, the pre-proposal didn't meet the specifications required so professional help is required to produce and submit a new proposal to try get a Lash Emoji on all our phones.

I believe this emoji will not only benefit the Lash Industry but that it will be used widely by most people for a variety of references.

Consultancy fees are increasing and the emoji will end up costing between $15,000 - $25,000

Previous emojis such as red wine in glass cost their producers $15,000 and the Science Emoji $25,000. We have been quoted that ours would cost around the same.

It is now past the point were I can continue without an expert to finish the application, code the emoji etc... I would love your support in making this happen.

Firstly I would love your help in creating awareness so we can prove their is support for the emoji and also for financial support should it be something you would use if it was produced. It would be amazing if you can donate £1, If I could get only a 1/3 of our Instagram followers donating £1 we will have all the funds to complete and submit the proposal.

Additional Benefits of your support:

Donation of £1 up to £99 - Free VIP membership to Lash Inc International for 1 Year.

Over £100 to £499 Free VIP Membership of Lash Inc International for 1 Year.

Plus ... Join the team, be added into the Emoji team group so you get a say in everything that is happening in the project. Be part of the team that produces the first and only eyelash emoji that if successful would be on every Apple and Android device globally.

£500 and over Other tier benefits plus ...

A ticket to the next Lash Inc Editors event.

Access to our 400 + business e-learning courses for 1 year.

Any questions please message.

Thank you in advance for your support x

Update 29/12/21 Unfortunately we didn't reach our funding goal. We did make initial enquiries to the WWC and they might consider in the future, but without the application and proof of use and need, it won't be a priority.

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